(Supreme Court-TATA Sons Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly TATA Sons Ltd) versus Siva Industries and Holdings Ltd & Ors.)

Dealing with above issue, Supreme Court of India considered the amendment in the Act  that came into effect from 30.08.2019 and held:-

“After the amendment, Section 29A(1) stipulates that the award “in matters other than international commercial arbitration” shall be made by the arbitral tribunal within a period of twelve months from the date of the completion of the pleadings under Section 23(4).10 The expression “in matters other than an international commercial arbitration” makes it abundantly clear that the timeline of twelve months which is stipulated in the substantive part of Section 29A(1), as amended, does not apply to international commercial arbitrations. This is further reaffirmed in the proviso to Section 29A(1) which stipulates that the award in the matter of an international commercial arbitration “may be made as expeditiously as possible” and that an “endeavour may be made to dispose of the matter within a period of 12 months” from the date of the completion of pleadings.”

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