Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why R&D Law Chambers is right for me/why should I trust your firm with an assignment?

The team of R & D Law Chambers has total experience of in excess of 90 years in litigation and non-litigation matters;
We have a track record of handling complex assignments involving multi million dollars and we work with an objective of providing best solutions that are in synergy
with business objectives rather than working in isolation so that business could remain committed and focused on their core activities.

2. What type of cases does your law firm handle?

Ours is a full service firm providing services in the matters pertaining to Insolvency, EPC Contracts, International Taxation, International Arbitration, Commercial Contracts, International Acquistitions and FDI advisory, Employment, inbound investment, Indirect Taxation etc. To know more about our services please visit this page

3. Do you provide free consultation?

We aim at thoroughly understanding your requirements, your problem and advise on suitable strategy considering facts, law and your objective. While we can assure you value for your money in terms of our services, we regret we are unable to provide free consultation.

4. How will I be kept informed of my case/assignment entrusted?
You shall have regular updates over phone or emails as may be appropriate.
5. Will I have to go to court?
We aim at providing solutions with certainty which obviously means that our strategy shall be devised so as to avert going to court. However, whether or not one will be required to initiate or defend a court proceeding ultimately depends on many variables and it is difficult to let a client know in advance whether or not client will have to go to court.
6. What do I do when I have a question?
We assign an associate to deal with your case and once your work is entrusted, in case you have any questions, you can write to such associate.
7. What will be the cost involved in litigation?
We provide cost estimate after initial consultation and perusal of papers. While it is not possible to give a blanket formula of cost for all kinds of assignments, we can assure you that you shall have cost estimate or cost formula beforehand.
8. How much can I expect to win?

Regrettably, there is no answer to this question. All what we assure is devising a suitable strategy and putting in best endeavours to achieve desired outcome.

9. What information do you need from me in order to get started?

What we need to get started is detailed factual instructions with documents. This generally happens by we soliciting the information from you in form of questions in addition to you sharing information with us.


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